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Parking Sensors

Parking Sensors will detect obstacles behind you to aid your parking and enable you to get into those tight spots without damaging your vehicle. Using Ultrasonic technology they emit a cone of sound behind your car which bounces of obstacles and returns to the sensor calculating the distance between you and the obstacle, giving you an audio or visual signal (or both) as to how close the object is to the bumper. When the bumper is within approx 20cm of contact with the object the bleeper will emit a rapid beeping noise indictaing for you to stop. Not only do the sensors aid in parking but also provide a saftey alert to children and pets.

In many instances these sensors can prevent a collision which would have resulted in an expensive repair, hence easily paying for themselves.

Installations of these kits include a audio or visual display unit (or both) mounted at the rear of the car and 4x sensors colour coded to your vehicle. All kits are installed professionally with attention to interior trim and without any visible cables.


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Supplied, Colour Coded and Fitted  (4 flush mounted sensor heads)

Audio kit: £189-99+VAT


LED/Audio kit: £214-99+VAT (LED display is shown to the right)



20% Off Parking Sensors When Any Other Repair Is Carried Out!!*




*20% off the cost & fitting of parking sensors only; repairs not included. This offer applies only to sensors fitted at the same time as car body repair work is carried out.

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